#0028 iCloud Bypass iPad 2 (GSM ONLY) ALL iOS Supported BY (UDID)

Delivery Time: 1-5 MINS

Price: $ 15

1- Restore iPad To Ios 6.1.2 Via 3Utool
2- Close Wifi And Bypass Here
3- Update your iPad Via Wifi To 8.1.x
4- Install Cydia And File Manger And Remove Setup I for this steps you have to Pm me if you dnt know that
5- Now You Can Factory Reset Your iPad And No Lose Your Bypass

You Can Directly Upgrade to 9.3.5 but you can nt keep your bypass

Supported Models

iPad2,1 Pad2 A1395
iPad2,2 Pad2 A1396
iPad2,3 Pad2 A1397



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